Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Booking. 

  1. Holding Dates
    We do not hold any dates until the required full deposit is paid. Once the deposit has been paid your booking date is confirmed. All Sound Entertainments operate on a first come first severed basis.
  2. Violence & Abuse towards DJ and staff members will NOT be tolerated.
    We take abuse towards our DJs & Staff very seriously. If any violence & abuse is made during the duration of performance from you the Client or guests, we reserve the right to end the event and if needed for a safe passage we shall call 999 (the police) to the venue with all equipment. No refund will be given!!
  3. Damage or stolen goods
    In the event of any damage caused by your guests to equipment or materials provided, the Client shall be liable to pay in full for the repair or replacement like for like, cost of equipment, and the hire of necessary equipment or materials during repair work until carried out.
  4. Sound Limiters
    When performing with a LIVE sound limiter, we will try our best not to trigger the limiter. However, sometimes triggering these limiters in some venues can be very easy and must be reset. If no reset key is available or no staff to reset the device, we will not be held responsible for this issue.
  5. Client Accidentally hired another DJ
    If We are to arrive at your chosen venue for your event and you the Client accidentally have hired another DJ no refund will be given. If CASH payment has been arranged on the night this must be paid upon arrival.
  6. Stages & Large Stages
    Large high-up theatre stages are a health and safety hazard. If we feel the stage at the venue is of health and safety and a hazard to us and your guests, we can refuse to set up on the stage. We will then be setting up in front of the stage to make it safe for you, your guests, and us.
  7. Blacklisted Venues
    We reserve the right to cancel or refuse a booking if we have worked in your chosen venue in the past where members of staff at the venue have been abuse towards our entertainment team during our time working there. These venues are blacklisted for future bookings.

            8. Your Venue & Loading of Equipment.

8.1 Venue Conditions & Limitations
If installing electrical equipment such as starlit dance floors or lighting on wet floors we will refuse setup no refund will be given.

8.2. Upstairs/Basement Loading
If any equipment with our services must be taken into a venue that is raised above ground level or basement loading with stairs. We charge a min of £25 per service for the extra staff to assist to go up/downstairs to any venue or building. An upstairs/Basement charge will be included in your quotation or may be added at a later date upon arrival to the venue. We can take payments via cash or card on the night. This must be paid before we unload the equipment.

8.3. Lift Access
If your booking has been agreed to use a lift in your booked venue to load the equipment upstairs, we may not charge you an upstairs cost depending on the type of load in. If your venue’s lift has broken down and we have to carry the equipment up/downstairs, you will then be charged per service. If the lift has broken down to also find the load in via stairs is extremely bad, very long and a health and safety issue we will refuse to take equipment upstairs, we also won’t allow guests or the booker to carry the equipment upstairs as we will not take responsibility for any injury, on top of this we will be left to carry it back down after the event. If the venue’s lift has broken down and we refuse to carry the equipment up the stairs, we will take no responsibility and no refund will be given.

  1. Cancellations

9.1. Automatic Cancellation
If we try to contact you for a catch-up before the booking date, client meeting or to close the remaining balance and after several attempts over 2 weeks we have the right to cancel your booking as to this your deposit is not refundable.

– Please keep your contact details up to date.

Your full balance must be paid at least 2 weeks before your event, if no payment is made, we have the right to cancel your event notice will be given and we shall take another booking in its place.

9.2. Full Balance not paid
Your full balance must be paid 2 weeks before your event, if no payment is made, we have the right to cancel your event however notice will be given and pressure another booking.

9.3 Are my payments I have made refundable if I cancel my event
-Your requested deposit you paid when booking is, unfortunately, is NON-REFUNDABLE!! 

9.4. Cancelling part of your event
If you have booked a multi-package with us, we will require a deposit of £50 per service hired. We will state how much deposit you have paid per service upon confirmation of booking. If you cancel parts of your booking, you will lose the deposit per service which is stated on your confirmation.

9.5 Replacement DJ

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have the right to provide an alternative DJ/Service for the event.

  1. Starlit Dancefloors
    Installing starlit dancefloors must be used for indoor use only or inside a professional marquee with boarded flooring which must also be carpeted. We will refuse to set up a starlit dance floor on grass or any outdoor uneven surface. no refund of the full balance will be given if your venue is inadequate for us to install such flooring.


You and your guests must not spill any sort of liquid onto our starlit dance floors, this includes drinking and dancing. Each starlit dancefloor panel has electrical copper connections which connect to each panel as they are laid down, these connections power up each panel once switched on. These are located in between each panel once the floor is laid. If you or one of your guests spill a drink onto the dancefloor and leaks in between a panel and causes a copper connection to malfunction, spark, burn venue carpet, or at worse can cause a fire. We will not be held responsible for this issue. This also includes liquid spilling onto the dancefloor power supply.

Terms & Conditions
We reserve the right to change our terms & conditions at any time.

You the Client automatically agrees to these booking terms once the deposit has been paid to Your Event DJ

Last Updated: 27.08.21